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Access Kroger Associates Online Extranet


Kroger employees, contractors among other authorized personnel have access to Kroger’s Instant Virtual Extranet to purposely perform specified duties as well as transactions.

The company is responsible for monitoring the system. The good fact about the system, users can comfortably use the software while at home using their home PC.

However, to effectively use it, your computer must be having supported Operating System and the appropriated IE to enable you to get assistance from the Kroger Customer Support Center.

Kroger’s Instant Virtual Extranet Instructions

It’s quite easy and simple to access the Kroger’s Instant Virtual Extranet. In fact, it’s a matter of fewer than ten minutes and you are in. To help you ease the work, below are steps and instructions to follow:

  1. From your internet-enabled desktop, computer, laptop as well as a mobile device, go to vpn.kroger.com using your updated web browser.
  2. Once the page has been loaded, hit on Terms button to access the corporate data security warning.
  3. Then, you can sign in using your UserID and Password.
  4. Choose your profile from Enterprise, Two Factor, Kroger SSL VPN, Vendor as well as VendorIPsec.
  5. Once you are through with the above steps, hit on Sign In.

In case you encounter login challenges go to start then programs then Juniper Networks then Host Checkers and click on Uninstall. Host Check. If it fails to work, open a ticket to help you solve the issue.

Once you use a temporary application when launching the extranet, it will load on your home computer. After logging out properly, the temporary application will be deleted.

The website doesn’t support printing feature. In case it requires upgrading, cautiously follow the prompts to install and accept the installed new client’s software.

About Kroger

The Kroger is an American based supermarkets chain located in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1883. It’s among the worlds largest grocery retails with various stores including grocery as well as multi-department stores, convenience, discount as well as jewelry stores. Their primary business is Food stores.

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