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AT&T My GoPhone Account Management


After purchasing an AT&T GoPhone, the next thing to do is log in into your Pay As You Go Online account in order to manage all details under one roof and do away with inconveniences which may hinder the smooth operations.

After logging in, you will be able to purchase a feature package, view the history, get more details regarding your plan rate, checking the balances and many other more online activities.

How to Login In Your AT&T GoPhone Pay  As You Go Prepaid Account

  1. On your internet-enabled device, go to www.ATT.com/MyGoPhone then hit on the Get Started Button.
  2. Then you will be directed to a new page. On this page, input your wireless phone number (10-digits) and the pin(4-Digits) and then click the Login button. You can get the pin from PayAs You. Go Care rep or through text message via your phone.
  3. Since you’ll be a new user, change the password once you’ve login in the first time.
  4. In case you forgot your account password, click on Forgot Password link, then the new password will be sent to you via the text message.

Note: You have the possibility of managing your account through calling 611 using your wireless – phone or 800 901  9878 using the landline telephone.

How to Manage AT&T GoPhone Pay As You Go Prepaid Account

After you have successfully accessed your account, managing it online will be hassle free. You will be able to:

  • Control how you spend with your mobile by checking your balances, viewing the rates plans& packages features as well as checking the history of your account online and many more.
  • Use AutoRefill, debit/credit cards online, prepaid Go Phone Refill card or by phone to refill the account.
  • Buy data, message as well as international call services packages…

How to Re-fill Your AT&T Go Phone Pay As You Go Prepaid Account

The number of methods one can use to reload money into their account are many. Let look at some of the methods below.

  • Auto-Refill
  1. Access auto-refill login page using your internet-enabled computer or mobile device, and sign in using your wireless-phone number and then enter the PIN (4-digit).
  2. Select the frequency of your preference which ranges from Monthly, Twice in a month, every thirty days as well as one day before they expire.
  3. Select your Auto Refill date.
  4. Enter in the amount & debit/credit card.
  5. Else, you can use your phone to set the Autofill by dialing 611 or 800 901 9878 using mobile phone and landline respectively.
  • Online

You can log into your online account then pay bills using your debit/credit card.

  • By Phone

Through phone, dial 611 using a mobile phone or call 800 901 9878 using a landline and begin by saying the phrase add money.

  • Using Refill Cards
  1. Go and purchase a card worth either $ 10, $ 15, $ 25, $50, $ 65, and $ 100 from the AT &T stores and in over 200k retail locations found nationwide. Bear in mind these cards have an expiry date which ranges from 30 days, 90 days or 365 days.
  2. Follow all instructions found on the card’s back to add money. This can be done by dialing *888* Pin # using your mobile phone and press send. Then Sign in to www.ATT.com/MyGoPhone or use your phone to dial 611 or landline to call 800 901 9878 and say the phrase Add money.
  • By Text

You can also refill using text function. After refilling via debit or credit card then saved your payment information in your account, you can utilize the text function without re-entering your payment information.

This can be achieved by sending a message (free) to 7778 shortcodes having a dollar ($) amount ( 15, 25, 50, 60, or 100 ) then you enter the four last digits of your stored debit/credit card. In case you need to be helped in any way, you can call 800 331 0500 when you are in the United States or call +1  916 843 4685 while out of the United States.

About AT&T

AT&T is an American based Multinational telecommunication company with its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, United States. The company provides the Largest Wi-Fi and 4G networks in the United States offering a wide range of wireless data & voice services.

It includes mass wired and wireless access abilities and one of the world’s strongest and advanced IP – backbones.