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Capital One Credit Card Service – Application Guide


Capital One is now offering a quick way to see if you’re eligible for a Capital One credit card online.

Visit Getmyoffer.capitalone.com and in just a few minutes you can get a personal credit card.

Check out how you can qualify by following the Capital One Credit Card Application Guide below.

How to Apply For A Capital One Credit Card Online

Step 1. Visit www.capitalone.com/credit-cards/get-my-card from your smartphone, tablet or laptop that’s connected to the internet. You may use popular browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome.

Step 2. If you have received a mail offer for a Capital One card, open the letter and find the Reservation Number and the Access Code, which would be 16 digits and 6 digits, respectively. On the offer letter at the bottom portion, you’ll find the numbers, which you will need to proceed to the application part.

Step 3. Read Step 3 only if you did not receive an offer and would like to see if you’re pre-qualified for a Capital One personal credit card.

On the bottom part of the page, find the link that says “see if you are pre-qualified” and click on the link. You will be taken to another page where you will need to enter the following personal details- First and Last Name, Social Security Number, Date of Birth and Residential Address.

Then, answer the rest of the fields and click on the box that says “I understand this isn’t a credit card application” to see your card offers.

Step 4. Choose from the available credit cards and apply for them by putting in your personal information. A confirmation page will show if you’re successful or have been declined.

Capital One Card Contact and Service Information

After the application process and depending on the outcome, you can expect your new Capital One credit card to be mailed to you within 10 to 14 business days.

Furthermore, you can check on the status of the card by creating an account, or by calling the Capital One toll-free hotline at 1-800-CAPITAL.

Other Information

The pre-qualification process will not hurt your credit score and can be completed using just basic information. The Capital One online website will check your eligibility for different card offers. Click on one of the cards you wish to have and follow the procedure to completion.

If you’re applying for business credit cards, then you will want to visit www.capitalone.com/small-business/credit-cards instead. The application will follow the same process as the personal credit card.