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Caresource Provider Portal Guidelines


CareSource is a national leader in the health care industry by providing its clients’ member-centric coverage. Founded in 1989, it is one of the largest Medicaid care plan companies in the country.

Beside Medicaid coverage, the company also offers other insurance plans to approximately 1.9 million clients in 5 states of the US. The mission of CareSource is to make a lasting difference in the lives of members by enhancing their well-being and health and developing a few programs targeting the social factors of health.

It has a holistic model, also known as Care4U, which helps break down the hurdles of social qualities and clinical treatment which would reduce health outcomes.

What you can do with CareSource provider portal

– Prior authorization

The portal helps providers view any prior authorization requirements and submit these authorization requests.

– Provider grievance

Also, providers can view all time frames and grievance requirements, then submit them.

– Provider appeals

Similarly, you can view the time frames and appeal requirements, then submit all appeals.

– Claims

Providers can submit claims, access some time-saving tools, and find processes.

– Check eligibility

Verity the eligibility of the patients for coverage, then learn more about their health statuses for better treatment.

How to register & use Caresource provider portal

Step 1: Visit the official site of CareSource provider portal at providerportal.caresource.com.

Step 2: Choose the state you would like to use, including Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Georgia.

Step 3: Click the red line “Register Here”.

Step 4: Enter your provider type, first name, last name, tax ID, provider number, and Zip code. Then choose “Next”

Step 5: Answer a few questions concerning your provider’s practice. Then choose “Next”.

Step 6: Create your Username and Password. Then choose “Submit” to finish the registration process

Step 7: Back to the main provider portal and use your registered Username and Password to log in.

Step 8: Navigate the display and choose the feature that you want to use.

Benefits of using Caresource provider portal

By registering and using the CareSource provider portal, you can get the following benefits:

  • Review the formulas of drugs
  • Access all guides and manuals
  • View the latest policies on Medicaid
  • Learn what you would do within the CareSource provider portal
  • Find out how to become a Health Partner and get more clients

Please note

If you already had a login, but can’t remember the username or password, then you can call the services department to get yours.

Click to register & use Caresource provider portal!