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Check Your Prepaid Gift Card Balance


Have you just received a new prepaid visa or Mastercard Gifts card provided by U.S Bank? Or you would like to quickly and easily manage your card hassle free?

If yes! You are at the right place. This can be possible by visiting www.PrepaidGiftBalance.com. The website offers you edge – cutting features among them balance checking capabilities, getting online statements anytime you want from anywhere around the globe among many other benefits.

How to Manage Your Gift Card Online

  1. Before you can start utilizing the system, you will be required to register your card first by going to www.PrepaidGiftBalance.com.
  2. Once the page has been loaded on your screen, input your card’s 16-digits and follow the on-screen prompt stepwise and login into your card’s account.
  3. On this website right side, on the login page side, you will find two sections i.e. First Time Login, and Returning Cardholder Login.
  4. If you are checking your Gift card balance for the first time, you must have an online account to sign in else sign up. Under the First Time Login Window, enter the account number of your card.
  5. Click on enter then follow up the on-screen instructions to set up an account.
  6. Once you have followed the instructions and gone through, you will be signed in automatically.
  7. You can now check the balance remaining in your account, view the statements of your card, check the cardholder details online among other information.

About U.S. Bank Prepaid Gift Card

It’s a prepaid card which allows you to purchase whatever you want everywhere and anytime. Visa or Master card can be used only in the United States.

You can use it to shop at several locations across the United States or in most famous websites such as Walmart, Amazon.com among many others.

How Does the Prepaid Gift Card Work?

When purchasing items, give the cashier the card, then push credit on the keypad then sign the receipts or just press on debit then enter your PIN. Every time you purchase using your card, the amount is automatically debited from the balance on your card.

If the amount you have in your card is not much enough to cover the purchase amount, tell the cashier to split the amount remaining in your gift card and any other method of payment. Just inform the cashier the amount remaining in your card to make it easy. You can now pay the remaining amount using another payment form.

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