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EviCore Service Guide – Sign Up & Login


eviCore is an intelligent care management company via its unique position at the patients, providers’ hearts and plans through a commitment to instill positive impact in the healthcare sector.

To enhance service delivery, eviCore healthcare established a web-based online portal where users and providers can register and access the system which has edge-cutting tools conveniently at their comfort.

What They Can Do

eviCore healthcare has many goodies to users which include:

  • Offering affordable health plans
  • Minimizing network disruption
  • Offering comprehensive healthcare plans
  • Offering flexible solutions
  • Use of evidence-based tools
  • Allowing online account accessing and management

How to Use eviCore Online Portal

Use of eviCore healthcare web-based platform is easy and everyone can conveniently use it. The system is technically designed in a user-oriented focus and has a user-friendly interface.

However, in order to log in and access health plans provided by eviCore, you’re supposed to register with eviCore first. The registration process is easy and you can complete it within couples of minutes and right on time get access to the healthcare provider system.

How to Register on eviCore

The process outlined below will help you to register and login into eviCore provider portal. Continue reading to complete the process.

  1. Using your internet connected Personal computer, Smartphone, Tablet, iPhone or another mobile device, go to www.evicore.com on a standard web browser.
  2. Under Login Section on the upper right corner of the page, click on Plans.
  3. On the page you’re redirected, click on Register.
  4. Select the Default Portal.
  5. Fill out all the required information ensuring all information provided are correct.
  6. Click on the Next Button.
  7. The complete registration process with the help of on-screen instructions.
  8. Once your account has been activated, go to eviCore provider login page, enter your username as well as a password to access the health services.

Benefit for Users

eviCore healthcare users are always happy due to the quality services they’re offered at affordable charges and in a friendly way. Some of the benefits they enjoy are:

  • professional customer support
  • getting perks as well as discount
  • earning vacations
  • getting comprehensive healthcare plans
  • online account management

Other Useful Information

eviCore is the only healthcare provider you should think of. It has thousands of doctors as well as nurses who are highly qualified and experienced to handle all the needs of their clients.

They use evidence-based, patient-centric healthcare management which allows them to integrate at the same time apply more informed insights resulting in focused actions, more and improved customer services as well as quality healthcare.

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