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Gift Card Mall – Register & Check Your Card Balance Online


Gift Card Mall is an online site where customers can purchase popular card brands such as Nordstrom, Starbucks, iTunes, Visa, and more than 400 retailers. There is a wide range of denominations to choose. The site serves both business and consumers, with many fulfillment options delivered by plastic cards or emails.

The process of registering and managing your account at the Gift Card Mall can be done easily online in a few simple steps.

In this guide, we will show you how to register and check your gift card balance online.

How to register and check your gift card balance online

Below are some simple steps to register and check your gift card balance online

Step 1: Go to the official website of the Gift Card Mall at www.giftcardmall.com
Step 2: Click on “Register” on the top right corner.
Step 3: Fill out the form with your personal information, including email, first name, and last name.
Step 4: Enter and confirm the password.
Step 5: Click on “Create account” to establish a new account at the Gift Card Mall.
Step 6: On the dashboard, choose the card option that you want to use.
Step 7: Follow the provided instructions to purchase the card and make a payment.

Step 8: Go to the settings and you will see a lot of options, including checking the balance and managing your card.

Important things that you need to know

Before proceeding, keep in mind the following important things to avoid any issues during the registration and balance checking process:

– To check the balance of your gift card, you need the following information: gift card number, expiration date, and 3-digit code or CVV1.
– After the registration, you need to activate your gift card before using it for online purchases.
– All retail and electronic gift cards cannot be refunded once you have purchased and activated them.
– Most cards do not have any fees or expiration date. However, it is still needed to check the terms and conditions of each merchant on the brand’s page.
– Depending on your needs, there will be a lot of denominations to choose.

List of relevant links

Here is a list of all the relevant links when you register your new gift card at the Gift Card Mall:

– List of the contact information: www.giftcardmall.com/contact-us
– Gift card activation: www.giftcardkey.com/
– Gift card balance checking: www.giftcardmall.com/check-my-balance
– Frequently asked questions: www.giftcardmall.com/faqs-egift


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