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How to Activate Citi Credit Card


The internet has been suffocated by a high number of credit cards being advertised each and every day. Once you access the internet, it’s rare to go offline without coming across a banner advertising a credit card. This has brought confusion among consumers without the clue on which credit cards fit their way of life ending up choosing a credit card which has no value.

However, to end these challenges here is the unique and very powerful credit card by the name Citi credit card brought to you by Citibank.

This card gives you authority and power to control your bank account and all expenses you will incur. It has a superfluous online system which has completely changed many people’s lives.

What They Can Do

Citi bank has wonderful and variety of good things to offer to its clients. Below are some of its unique services and products.

  • Mobile banking
  • Online banking
  • Money transfer
  • Account management
  • Money protection from fraudsters
  • Offering rewards
  • Multiple options on credit cards
  • Online shopping and bill payment

How to Use Citi Credit Card

Everyone can use Citi credit card comfortably without hassle. It has a well designed and user-friendly interface that everyone can navigate comfortably. Once you’ve activated your account the rest is catered for.

However, to utilize Citi credit card, you’ve to activate it first. The process is short and simple. Within a couple of minutes, Citi card activation will be through and ready for use.

How to Activate Citi Credit Card

  1. Go to www.citi.com/activate using an ordinary browser from your smartphone, iPhone, tablet or any other mobile device.
  2. Enter your card number then click continue.
  3. Follow up the onscreen instructions to guide you through the activation process.
  4. Once you’ve successfully activated your account you can visit www.citibank.com to log on.

Benefits for Users

Users of Citi credit cards enjoy endless benefits from their account. The card offers various benefits such as:

  • Mobile banking
  • Shopping online
  • Paying bills from the comfort of their home, working place or any place with an internet connection
  • Selecting from varieties of credit cards
  • Getting numerous rewards
  • Managing and accessing accounts remotely
  • Transferring money

About Citi Bank

CitiBank is a financial services provider and part of Citigroup. This bank has been in the financial industry for decades and its commitment to offer high-quality financial services.

It offers credit cards, personal loans, mortgages, commercial loans as well as unlimited credit cards options.

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