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How to Activate Discovery Go on Your Device


Discovery Go is a TV channel offering quality entertainment program and it’s free with your TV subscription. Once you sign in using your TV provider username and password, you will access all the favorites, Naked and Afraid, Gold Rush and many others.

Discovery Go allows the user to get access to top-rated shows among others via the mobile app, computer and many more.

Also, it allows you to download and save your favorite movies as well as an episode to watch later.

What They Can Do

Through various TV providers, Discovery Go has endless things to offer to users. Among the services offered by discovery go and you can access them anytime, anywhere are:

  • Full episodes
  • Live TV
  • Documentaries
  • Live Streaming HD quality videos
  • On-demand TV shows
  • Original series
  • Account management

How to Activate Discovery Go on Your Device

Discovery activation process is very easy and simple. It will take you just a couple of minutes and you will be through with it and start watching all your favorite TV shows, episodes, movies among others anywhere and anytime without going through any hassle.

Here is the Investigation Discovery Go Activation Process

  1. From your internet connected personal computer or mobile device such as Smartphone, iPhone, Tablet among others, go to www.discovery.com/activate with a standard web browser.
  2. To get an activation code, follow instructions provided on your device and ensure your computer, as well as your device, are all connected to the internet for the activation to go through.
  3. Enter the capitalized code in the space provided and click on the Activate button.
  4. Select your TV services provider among the listed.
  5. Complete the forms provided with the help of onscreen instructions provided until you are through with the activation process.
  6. Once Discovery Go has been activated, log in using your TV service provider username and password, to enjoy discovery shows as well as documentaries and many more.

Benefits for Users

Users of Discovery Go TV channel have reasons to smile every day. The channel offers them a wide range of benefits such as:

  • Watching outstanding discovery shows
  • Streaming HD and on-demand videos as well as TV shows
  • Streaming through mobile devices
  • Watching High-quality documentaries
  • Live streaming of on-demand movies
  • All the time best customer services
  • Managing account conveniently from their comfort
  • Watching live TVs

Other Useful Information

Discovery Go can be accessed freely through your subscription. You can enjoy watching various shows and documentaries on it through devices, computers as well as TV.

It has all your favorite shows without any commercial interruption and you will enjoy watching it from anywhere and anytime.

Enter to Activate Discovery Go on Your Device!