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How to File PhoneClaim Verizon Online


Are you going through challenges using your wireless Verizon phone? Or do you want to replace it? Fine, PhoneClaim Verizon Online is where you should go right now. It’s relatively simple, fast, easy and convenient to file an online claim once your phone is lost, damaged or stolen at Verizon Wireless Customer phone claim page.

No struggling anymore, the only thing you will have to do, is providing your personal details, confirm the make and model of your phone, inform the Phone Claim exactly what transpired and the exact place they should ship your phone. Also, it’s possible to track the claim you have filed online as well as view other important program information.

PhoneClaim Verizon Online Instructions

In order to successfully process your Verizon Phone replacement claim at PhoneClaim Verizon Online, you must first ensure you have an account at Verizon. Once you have the account, you will be ready to go without encountering various challenges.

You will then provide information to identify yourself. verify that the cellphone is yours by providing the make and model, give more details about what transpired and where the new phone should be shipped. Then pay the deductibles and the phone can reach you as soon less than 24 hours.

The platform enables you to track the claims you filled at your convenience and get customer services right from Verizon Online.

If you have any problem filling claims with Verizon wireless phone claim, here is the place to go, phoneclaim.com/verizon and you will get answers to all your questions.

On the form you will be filling the claim, you should ensure you have entered your personal identity information so that the insurance claim of your device will be under tight security. Documents such as driver’s license, passport, as well as a Creditcard can confirm your identity.

How to file a Claim for Replacement of Verizon Device

  1. To start filling the claim, go to online phoneclaim.com/verizon on your computer, laptop or mobile device using the browser of your preference.
  2. Input the 10 digits wireless number on the field provided and click on “Start Claim”.
  3. Once you have clicked on “start claim”, you will be directed to another page requiring you to offer information such as your legal name, security code among others. Provide all the requested information and hit on the continue button.
  4. Provide the incidental details of your phone.
  5. Complete all details regarding your device.
  6. Enter your valid shipping address.
  7. Choose the method of payment you are preferring.
  8. Review whether the information you have provided is complete and accurate then click on Submit button.

About Verizon Wireless

The company was founded in 2004. It’s an American giant mobile network services provider which focus on serving people living in the United States. The company commitment is satisfying its customers with mega investment on quality services and self – service tools.

It has more than 1,900 retails through the entire country. Its services are comprehensive and worth getting. The company’s major products are wireless phones, calling plans video, mobile music as well as messages and broadband among others.

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