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How to Register Your GE Appliance Online


General Electric or GE is a multinational company based in Boston, Massachusetts. It is currently operating in a variety of areas, such as finance and capital, additive production, digital industry, renewable energy, healthcare, aviation, power, gas and oil, lighting, and more. GE is in the list of Fortunate 500 in many consecutive years by gross revenue, making it one of the largest corporations in the United States and around the world.

If you’ve just purchased a GE appliance, then you need to register it before using. This process would be easily done on its official site.

Keep reading our guide to learn how to register your new GE appliance.

How to register your new GE appliance online

Here are a few simple steps that you need to do to register your new GE appliance online:

Step 1: Go to the official site for GE appliance registration at geappliances.com/register

Step 2: Now you have two options: Continue as guest or create a new GE account to sign in.

Step 3: Enter the information of your new GE appliance, including model number, serial number, as well as the installation date.

Step 4: Click on “Continue”

Step 5: Fill out the form with some details about your personal information.

Step 6: Click “Submit” to complete the registration process for your new GE appliance.

Other important things that you need to know

Below are some other important things that you need to know before registering your new GE appliance:

– If a warranty service or safety notification is needed, you might be contacted by a representative of General Electric.

– The process of registering your GE appliance will also verify your ownership in case a theft or insurance loss occurs.

– The serial number and model can vary, depending on the product. You can check the link in the next section to learn how to find this information. A useful tip is that all model numbers will always start and finish with a letter.

– It is recommended to create a new GE account for registration rather than continuing as a guest. This will allow you to have online access to different services, including information about the registered appliances, quick service schedules, owner’s manuals, as well as simple checkout for other part orders.

List of relevant links

Here are a few relevant links that you might find useful when registering your new GE appliance:

– How to find the serial number and model of your GE appliance: www.geappliances.com/ge/find-model-serial-number/

– Contact information: www.geappliances.com/ge/service-and-support/contact.htm?icid=GEARtopnav-contact

– Services and support: www.geappliances.com/ge/service-and-support/

– Frequently asked questions: www.geappliances.com/ge/service-and-support/faq.htm