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How to Use VZW My Business Account


Verizon is an American based giant Multi-national telecommunication company focused on changing how people live by offering the most cost-effective, reliable and convenient services.

The company has edge-cutting tools to give users connectivity to anything offered by the current digital world, its commitment to innovative technologies has seen it oversee massive growth for the past few years.

Their super innovative means of communication, as well as technologies, have relatively changed their customers’ way of life, work as well as play.

How They Can Do

Verizon business has countless goodies to offer to its online users. Development of highly innovative technologies has seen its competitors surrender since everyone is running to its services.

To make the online services to its customers worth, here is what Verizon business is doing:

  • Enabling users to manage Verizon business accounts without restrictions.
  • Offering rewards to their customers.
  • Enabling faster browsing and online ordering of services.
  • Spoiling customers with special discounts as well as offers.
  • Providing meaningful marketing platform to users.
  • Full security to businesses to avoid illicit exploitation.

How to Use Verizon Business Account

Using VZW my business account has never been difficult. It’s simple and easy. The system has wonderful features on catering all your business needs at affordable cost.

However, you’ll be required to have your Verizon business account. This will take you less than five minutes to create and start utilizing your powerful Verizon business account.

How to Register Verizon Business Account

  1. Using your internet connected PC or Smartphone, visit business.verizon.com.
  2. Click on the register link placed just below the sign in button.
  3. Enter your genuine email and click on the continue button.
  4. Verify email by entering the PIN provided and clicking continue.
  5. Fill out the greetings name and password and click the continue button.
  6. Select one security question and provide the phone number (optional) and click on continue button.
  7. Continue filling out the requested information until your account is ready for use.
  8. Once you successfully set-up the account, log in to use the online services.

Benefits For Users

Users of Verizon business account have much to boast of. The service has unlimited benefits. They include:

  • Online paying off bills
  • Convenient account management
  • Cost-effective services
  • Endless offers and discounts
  • Rewards earning
  • Profitable and faster-growing business

About VZW My Business Account

It’s account offered by Verizon business to giver users maximum control to their businesses.

This will enable users to make online payments, edit as well as view their account information. Also, users will access the account from anywhere and anytime. They’ll also view and print reports.

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