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Itslearning CCISD – Register & Use Guidelines


Itslearning is a secure, safe and convenient learning system whereby teachers are able to collaborate, share learning resources and files, while the student can complete and submit the assignment through the system.

The system also allows the parent to create an account so they can manage to monitor the student progress as well as viewing all the contents assigned to their child.

They usually have one login that enables them to view many children. Parents can view teacher course materials, tasks list with the due dates and teacher’s planner among others.

What They Can Do

Itslearning CCISD has unique features that can be utilized fully by both teachers, parents, and students. Due to this, it has remained as the best online learning system in the United States.

Here is what Itslearning has to offer to its users

  • Teachers resources sharing platform
  • Lesson planning tools
  • Analytical tools
  • Access to adequate learning materials
  • Online learning from anywhere and anytime
  • Professional customer service
  • Excellent communication tools

How to Use Itslearning Online Portal

Among all other learning management systems, Itslearning is the best and easiest to use the system you can have. The system design is user-oriented and everyone both teachers, parents, and students can use it without hassle.

However, in order to access to learning materials using the Itslearning system, you must be a registered user. The registration process is short and precise.

How to Register On Itslearning CCISD

  1. Use your Smartphone, tablet or personal computer to go to itslearning.com/global.
  2. On the top corner of the right hand, click on the login button.
  3. On the next page select your site in order to access Itslearning for your school.
  4. Follow up the onscreen instruction provided until you’re through with the registration process.
  5. With your username and password now available, you can visit www.itslearning.com to log in.

Users Benefits

Users of Itslearning CCISD enjoys various benefits provided by this learning management system.

Among the benefits enjoyed include:

  • Learning resources sharing
  • Effective communication between parents, teachers, and students
  • Proper lessons planning tools
  • Access to education materials from anywhere around the globe
  • Getting edge-cutting customer service
  • Utilization of analysis tools
  • Students can do the assignment and submit it from wherever they are and anytime

Itslearning Customer Support

To remain the best effective and top-ranked learning management system, Itslearning commits to offering exceptional support services to users.

If you encounter any problem, their customer support team is there around the clock to help you. Get all their contact details from their website and they will be pleased to serve you as they focus to grow and improve education systems.

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