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Link Roku to your Device – Online Guide


Roku is a virtual media player series that allows users to seamlessly connect to the web, through cable or wireless connections to their household network.

Basically, the program functions by downloading video content online and allowing you to view it on your television.

There are also various free channels you can access from the platform including; Sky News, Cartoon Network and Crackle. Here is how you to link your device:

Instructions & Steps

In order to connect your device with Roku, it’s important that it should first be linked to an active Roku account. This account holds significant user details such as the number of channels installed, viewer preferences and settings. The linking procedure is as follows:

  1. Use the Quick Start Guide provided by Roku to fill in the onscreen instructions for connecting your device to the web.
  2. Upon completion, the Roku device shall start downloading a new application, which shall be followed by a unique link code displayed on your screen. For example, “BL70K”
  3. Write down this code on a piece of paper, then visit roku.com/link on your PC or smartphone.
  4. Once on the site, enter your code number then “Submit” it to the company for verification.
  5. Proceed with the guidelines given on the site to develop a new Roku account, or if you already have one simply log into it.
  6. The company will then request you to choose a viable payment method from those available.

Upon subscription, you will have access to popular channels, and even rent/purchase movies and TV programs, or buy directly from Roku Channel Store. The company accepts various payment methods including; major credit cards and online payments through PayPal.

After completing the device-linking process your Roku account shall now be ready for use, and you can use this direct link to login my.roku.com/link

Customer Service

Roku has a comprehensive customer support service that provides Live Chat to its members, this way you can contact the company at any convenient time and expect quick responses to your queries.

Additionally, you can reach them through their official customer care number which is 816-272-8106. The staff is always ready to help no matter the issue you’re facing, plus the line is also toll-free meaning you won’t be charged for making a call to them. Unlike other video streaming services that take too long to answer their customers, Roku is more dedicated to the clients’ needs and never keep them waiting with their inquiries.