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Mipayslips Online Management Instructions


Online payslips are easily managed and more useful by employees than paper made payslips.

Employees can use them to apply for a loan, mortgage and can access them anywhere and anytime. MITIE Group has offered its staff a unique platform to manage their payslips online.

With Mipayslips, employees can check their pay date, tax period, pay group at the same time get current and historical payrolls details.

How to Log in Mipayslip Online System

Logging in this system is easy and you can access it from anywhere and anytime. However, before you can log in, you’ll have to activate account first whereby you’ll provide your details and create a password.

To help you activate the account and login securely, below are the instructions to guide you from the start to the end.

  1. From your desktop, laptop, Tablet or Smartphone, go to www.mipayslips.com on a standard web browser.
  2. Hit activate account button located on the right-hand side if you’re new to Mipayslips.
  3. Enter all the information required among them your employee number, national insurance number, email address as well as an activation code. Then, create your password.
  4. Upon completion, click on Submit Button to go on.
  5. After you’re through with the process of activation, you can go to the homepage and log in to your account by providing your employee number, email address and the password.
  6. If in any way you require help to login or general assistance, don’t hesitate to contact your local payroll office right on time.
  7. Once you’ve logged in, you can check your payslips. It’s worth noting, once you leave the web page inactive for long, you’ll be logged off automatically.

In a situation where you can’t remember your password, Click on Forgot Your Password Link, on the spaces provided, enter your email address, employee number, and the national insurance number then press on submit button.

The reset password email will be sent to your email, visit your email address, click on password reset link and create your new password.

About MITIE Group

MITIE Group PLC is a British Strategic outsourcing and energy services enterprise. The group offers facilities management, infrastructure consultancy, property management, health care, and energy services. The Group has its head office in Bristol and over 200 smaller offices across the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Back in 1989, it merged with Highgate and Job, thus renaming to MITIE Group. Since 2006, the MITIE group has managed to complete a ton of mergers and acquisition, thus making it more powerful and enhancing its global position to better ranks.

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