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Track Your Argos Order Status Online


Argos is a catalogue retailer based in Ireland and the United Kingdom. It operates both online and physical shops, with more than 800 shops and 30 million customers per year. It is one of the biggest retailers in the country.

If you’ve just ordered online from Argos, then you can easily track your order anytime with a few simple steps.

Keep reading our guide to learn more about how to track and some useful tips you need to know.

How to track your order status on Argos online

Here are a few simple steps to track your order status on Argos online:

Step 1: Visit the official site of online order tracking by Argos at www.argos.co.uk/ordertracking.

Step 2: Enter the order number that can be found on the bottom of the receipt.

Step 3: Enter your billing postcode.

Step 4: Enter your surname.

Step 5: Choose “View order” and wait a couple of minutes until the status of your online shows up on the screen.

How to get your order number

Basically, there are three ways to get your order number, depending on how you purchase:

– If you order your products through the phone, then the representative will provide your order number before the call is finished.

– If you purchase at an Argos store, then you will find the order number on the bottom of the receipt.

– If you purchase your products online, then you can find the order number in the email confirmation.

Other things you need to know

– Keep in mind that the tracking system only updates on a fixed schedule rather than the real-time basis

– In case you don’t have the internet connection or digital device to track your online order status, it is possible to call the company and directly ask the representative for the information