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Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) is a top-ranked world-class teaching hospital of Havard school of medical situated in central part of Boston. BIDMC have gained its reputation and popularity from the quality services it renders to the patients. When you’re seeking medical services at BIDMC they treat you as their family member.

The hospital uses the latest and finest technologies to treat as well as teach and inspire future caregivers. They always put their clients as the first priority before indulging in anything else.

BIDMC launched patient site where every patient can register to access online health services from anywhere. This has eased and enhanced service delivery by the hospital by offering highly ranked tools.

What They Can Do

BIDMC online patients portal has many things at disposal to benefit users. The services provided have improved livelihood of patients since they don’t have to struggle to meet the doctor or any other medical practitioner.

To ensure online service delivery has been received in a convenient manner, BIDMC portal has the following to offer:

  • Proper and professional customer support.
  • Online appointment.
  • Remote account access.
  • Managing all health-related issues.
  • Offering lab as well as test results online.
  • Access to open notes from either your doctor, clinician as well as nurses after your discussion or appointment.

How to Use BIDMC Portal

The use of BIDMC online portal has always been easy. Its design is more user-friendly and every patient can navigate freely using a personal computer, tablet or even a phone.

However, you can’t access the site without registering. The process takes a few couples of minutes and you’re in.

How to Register BIDMC Portal

  1. Go to www.bidmc.org using your tablet, personal computer or a phone.
  2. On the left-hand top corner, click on the menu Icon and select patient site.
  3. Select New user, sign up now.
  4. Fill all fields with the appropriate information as requested.
  5. Click on the submit button and you’re now ready to log in anytime anywhere.

With your account now active, visit BIDMC portal login page and to access the online patient site.

Benefits for Users

Patients using BIDMC patient site have many benefits they earn from it. These benefits include:

  • Reaching a nurse or doctor any given time.
  • Viewing their test results from any place.
  • Renewing prescriptions.
  • Reading their notes from doctors.
  • Making appointments online.
  • Requesting a referral.
  • Managing everything related to their well being.

About BIDMC Portal

BIDMC portal is a patient site provided by BIDMC to enable patients to access health services from the palm of their hands. The site is very responsive and can be accessed using the phone, PC or tablet.

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