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www.infinitecampus.com – Infinite Campus Login Guidelines


Infinite Campus is a web-based k-12 student information system offering real-time access to administration, communication, instruction as well as reporting.

This cloud-based software is among the most reliable, flexible and convenient student information systems. It’s easy to use this software. It has integrated a number of functionalities making it also an LMS, district communicator, food service, finance as well as human resources tool other than being SIS only.

It has functionalities that are not available in Similar apps on the market. Their offer includes a Mobile App, Ad hoc reporting, Parent and student portal, schedule wizard, Academic Planner, messenger, Grade Bo, LMS tools among many others.

What They Can Do

Infine campus has many tools to offer to ensure the student information system delivers beyond the expectations. These tools have made it outshine all other similar SIS on the market. Some of the tools they offer include:

  • Learning management tools
  • Save my work feature
  • Exceptional customer support
  • A digital repository
  • Account management from your comfort
  • Administrative tools
  • Curriculum management tools
  • Offering a notification module for alerting and communication
  • Classroom management tools are at the disposal

How to Use Infinite Campus

Using Infinite campus system is not hard at all. It’s a piece of cake. With a professionally designed and user-friendly interface, everyone can comfortably access and use it conveniently.

However, to access the infinite campus login portal, you must register first then you can enjoy the benefits available.

How to Register On Infinite Campus

Registering on infinite campus is simple and direct to the point. Follow up the guidelines below to successfully register on Infinite campus.

  1. Using your laptop/PC or tablet and Smartphone, visit www.infinitecampus.com.
  2. On the right-hand side top corner of the page click on login.
  3. In the search page provided, search your district infinite campus login page.
  4. Once you get the link to your district infinite campus login page, click on Create New Account.
  5. Follow the onscreen instruction as you fill in the form with the right information until you ensure your account has been activated and ready for use.
  6. Once everything is set, you can log in through the infinite campus login page.

Benefits For Users

Users of infinite campus are lucky people. The system provides many tools in place to ensure everything within the student information system is working appropriately and meet the customer needs.

Here are some of the benefits users of infinite campus system get:

  • Elimination of data entry duplication
  • Utilization of multi-language editor
  • Receiving emails for notification
  • Getting dedicated support
  • Training from highly experienced professionals
  • Managing accounts remotely

Other Useful Information

The infinite campus has put in place a team to offer professional customer support in case of any technicality hindering smooth running of the system.

The team ensures have responded to any issue raised either online, through a phone number or at their physical address. In case of any problem, don’t hesitate to contact the support team so they can come for your rescue.

Click to Register On Infinite Campus!