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www.sciondental.com – Scion Dental Provider Login Guidelines


Scion Dental provider is a nationwide dental benefits administrator with highly experienced dental Medicaid. The company has been offering dental benefits for government and other commercial entities in an effective way.

Scion dental are the main dental benefits administers for government in a large number of states. The Scion dental provider launched its online portal to ensure it delivers services in efficiency and convenient way.

This allows registered users to access the account anytime and from any place to have real-time account management.

What They Can Do

Scion dental providers have great features offering users lifetime opportunity in dental health management. Below is what they can do:

  • Offering direct system access
  • Coverage verification
  • Allowing submission and checking of claims status
  • Anytime, anywhere account accessing and management
  • Enabling rating a provider
  • Member eligibility verification
  • Electronic funds transfer

How to Use Scion Dental Provider

Scion dental portal has never been hard to use. So far as you have internet connection valid User ID and password, you’re all set to log in securely and be accessing the system from anywhere and anytime.

Thus, you must register first to access the tools provided. The registration process is not long, it’s short and simple. Within a couple of minutes, you’ll be through and ready to log in securely.

How to Register On Scion Dental Provider

  1. Using your computer or mobile device, go to www.sciondental.com.
  2. Click on the provider Login page.
  3. Click on Register Now link.
  4. Select to register as Payee so you can be getting remittances and receive payments electronically.
  5. Fill all other requested information in the form then click on the submit button.
  6. Once registered, visit the scion dental provider login to navigate and explore the online portal and make use of the available resources and features.

Benefits For Users

Users of Scion dental provider have got various reasons to smile. The portal has uncountable benefits enjoyed by users. They include:

  • Submitting claims
  • Anytime and anywhere access to your account
  • Checking claims status and authorizing status verification
  • Electronic funds transfer
  • Top rated clinical guidelines
  • Payment monitoring
  • Managing their own account from a mobile phone
  • Enjoying real-time verification inquiries

About Scion Dental

Scion Dental is among the companies specializing in benefits management under the brand name SKYGEN USA. It’s a remarkable dental administer with a focus on bringing the next generation claims management and technology solutions for commercial and government entities thus enabling improvement of efficiency, compliance and drastically reducing the benefits delivering cost.

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