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You and Your Hormones Guidelines


You and your hormones is an official public data website of the Society for Endocrinology. The project is web-based and run by the societies which their particular aim is giving patients as well as the general public easy access to reliable and quality information online regarding endocrine science as a whole.

The website www.Yourhormones.info which was officially launched back in 2011, is the hub and a place to go for the latest, reliable and efficient information on hormone as well as hormone-related conditions and only the experts on that fields who write and review these amazing information.

The site is divided into various sections which offer valuable information regarding:

  • Glands
  • Hormones
  • Endocrine condition and provide practical information on endocrinology as well as matters with relation to treatments of endocrine conditions

The site offers reliable and accurate information all the time and is written by experts medical doctors and scientists who are highly trained, experienced and specialized in the endocrinology field. Thus, no biased information is found on this website.

Before materials are published on this website, they have to undergo a very strict scrutinizing process to ensure no biased information has been published. So, the public engagement committee of Society Endocrinology ensures has strictly overseen the entire development and review process of the materials to ensure accuracy and quality is guaranteed.

The day to day management of the website is specially done by the communication team of the society to make sure everything is flowing smoothly as expected.

About the Society for Endocrinology

It’s a highly learned UK based society representing the global community of scientists, doctors, nurses among other professionals working in hormones field.

The aim and commitment of the society are curating, developing and disseminating reliable, accurate and top quality information as well as expertise on the hormones to ensure everyone is understanding hormones in a better way and the impact caused on their health by the endocrinology.

You and your hormones are closely overseen by public engagement committee of the society and they hold two meetings in each year to come up with more deliberation on it.

It’s worth understanding that the primary and key aim of the website is providing to the public only general information. thus, If you are suffering from or if you think you are suffering from endocrine conditions you should go and seek advice from qualified medical doctors as earlier as possible.

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